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Meet the Interns

We are thrilled to welcome interns to PWC! Our doctors love supporting the next generation of chiropractors. Our interns will make such an impact on the kids and families in their communities when they graduate and share what they’ve learned!


Andrew – Chiropractor Intern

Andrew RuppIt is a surreal dream come true to be here at PWC Chiropractic working with this incredible team! After growing up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, completing my undergraduate degree (at Grace College), and marrying my high school best friend in 2013, I have spent the last 3+ years in Marietta Georgia for chiropractic school at Life University. I discovered and loved Dr. Tony’s pediatric chiropractic work before starting chiropractic school, so since my first day at classes I knew I wanted to do everything I could to become the best pediatric and family chiropractor possible.

This led to getting involved in and leading our school’s pediatric club as well as participating in pediatric training programs, especially Dr. Tony’s Epic Pediatrics! As it was my desire to be the best pediatric and family chiropractor possible, there was no choice but to come to Crystal Lake and learn from the best here at PWC!

Drs. Tony, Ron, Jen, Sadey, and the staff are the standard of excellence in pediatric chiropractic and worth uprooting my family to move up to Illinois – even considering the fact that my wife was 33 weeks pregnant with our first child when we moved! We’re excited to have our little one joined us in November 2016 and I’m sure it will even further deepen my desire to bring the best chiropractic care to kids and families!

I’m greatly looking forward to learning to be a better chiropractor here at PWC as well as using my skills and abilities to further enhance the impact we can make here in Crystal Lake and beyond! When I’m not in the office you’ll likely find me at CrossFit AMRAP, exploring the local shops and parks, or hanging around with my wife, newborn, and puppy!


Matt – Chiropractor Intern

Crystal Lake Chiropractic Intern, Matt HillMy families Chiropractic journey began 5 years ago as patients at PWC Chiropractic. Now to come full circle and be on the serving side with the amazing doctors and team is beyond a blessing!

After completing my undergraduate degree at Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL and marrying my best friend we started our careers in business and teaching. Little did we know, but our lives and purpose would soon change.

Immediately before having our first child, we found out the scariest thing a future parent can hear, ‘something may be wrong with your baby.’ Soon after in a state of shock we brought our first child into the world. Our son, thankfully was healthy and stable but diagnosed with a brain injury that happened during development. After talking with many medical professionals we were left without hope that anything could help his condition. Searching for answers we found a Pediatric Chiropractor, started care and saw amazing changes and growth.

Two years later my family moved to Illinois for a promotion at work and found the PWC Chiropractic team to continue care for our now growing family of 4. We were blown away with the love, care and results our family had through Chiropractic care, so much so that we decided we needed to serve others in the same fashion.

For the last 3+ years my wife and three boys have been living in Davenport, Iowa attending Palmer College of Chiropractic and learning as much about Pediatric Chiropractic that we can! Coming back home to PWC Chiropractic and the Crystal Lake community for my internship is a dream come true! Training with the best Pediatric Chiropractors on the planet will allow us to make a huge impact in our future community and help families like ours have hope no matter what circumstances in life are thrown at them.

If you see my crew and I around town, my wife and I are likely to have a coffee in hand, exploring any type of tractor, truck or museum with the boys. We also enjoy running, staying active and being involved in our local church.


Dave – Chiropractor Intern

Crystal Lake Chiropractic Intern, Dave Lutz

Finding Premier Wellness Chiropractic has been an absolute blessing! Chiropractic has been my life for the past 14 years and PWC shines as a world-class chiropractic office for pediatric and family wellness. I grew up in Naperville and decided to bleed green at Michigan State University after graduating high school. At Michigan State, my passion for chiropractic grew deeper by working as a Chiropractic Assistant for over three years. In my senior year, a few friends and I began the Pre-Chiropractic Association. LIFE University spoke to us one evening and they touched my core with family chiropractic. That evening, I decided to spend over three years in Marietta, Georgia at LIFE University. I met my twin flame, Sarah, at LIFE and we are recently engaged. We are so excited about bringing Epic Pediatric chiropractic to Bend, Oregon!

Dr. Tony spoke at LIFE Vision Seminar over two years ago about The Perfect Storm. He ignited my soul purpose to serve children with the chiropractic adjustment and alter a family’s health trajectory for a lifetime! I am beyond grateful to live out my soul purpose and learn from the best of the best at PWC.

Outside of the office, I spend time with my family and close friends, take my fitness to the next level through Functional Movement, and explore nature. I look forward to spending time with you and monkeying around with your little ones in the office! Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of the healthcare transformation created by PWC that is happening in the community of Crystal Lake.

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