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One More Back-to-School Check Up

Sports physicals – check. Eye exam – check. Dental visit – check.

Every summer us parents are tasked with not only getting our kids around and about to games, practices, camps, VBS, beach days, BBQs, and more, but we also have to make sure we get the mandatory visits in to such places such as the pediatrician, eye doctor, and dentist for regular check ups and physicals.

Sick Kid EMG Amplitude Scan small

Pre-Chiropractic nervous system scan

While it can certainly add some stress to the already jammed schedules most parents have, when things are good it should alleviate stress to find out your child has a healthy body, healthy eyes, healthy teeth, etc. But, what happens when things don’t check out that way?

With nearly a decade of pediatric and family practice experience I know that the month of August can lead to a lot of anxiety for parents, as back-to-school season often means another season is soon upon them. For many parents they know that when the fall and school strike up again, so do things like their child’s ADHD, Sensory Challenges, Allergies, Asthma, and more.

As the demands of school schedules, homework, and interacting with other kids comes back on the shoulders of some kids, so do their focus, behavior, emotional, and sensory challenges. In a similar way, when the seasons change and move into fall, more allergens and irritants start to overwhelm some kid’s sensitive immune systems, causing their congestion and illness to return.


Post Chiropractic care nervous system scan

But for some reason this isn’t every kid. Why is that? Don’t the kids without behavioral or sensory challenges, and without allergy and asthma related challenges adhere to the same schedules, get the same homework, walk the same halls, and breathe in the same air and allergens? What’s different for them?

Simply put, they better adapt. They have better balanced and more optimally functioning nervous systems, and in turn better working immune systems. So the same stressors come at them every fall, but they get right through and over them, with little to no struggle or sickness.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to measure and find out how well your child’s nervous system is working? Wouldn’t it be great to know it’s functioning and performing at a healthy level before the stress of the season starts?

Well, there absolutely is. Below is a set of scans that measure stress upon the spine and central nervous system. The more color, especially reds and blacks, the more stress. The more stress a child has on their system, the more easily they succumb to the stress of school and the fall season, and struggle and get sick.

The scans on the left are of a child who first started with us suffering from chronic asthma, allergies, and ADHD-related challenges. The scans on the right are of that same child just 3 months later, free of the stress on their nervous system, and in turn free of those health challenges.

Give your kiddo a chance to stop struggling this fall, and start thriving by scheduling a Back to School check up at our office.

Published in the McHenry County Magazine – August 2016 Article


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