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7 Reasons Your Kids Need Chiropractic Care

Hey Everyone! Due to the combination of technical difficulties with the webinar (Dr. Tony is a farm kid from Iowa ya know!), and a high demand among our patients and their friends for a recording to watch later and share, we did just that! Right below this you’ll find a recording of the hour-long presentation from Dr. Tony – 7 Reasons Your Kids Need Chiropractic Care. So many kids in our community continue to suffer from health challenges ranging from ‘simple’ ear infections to ADHD, and most commonly the only ‘solution’ those parents are given for their child is more and more drugs. Pediatric chiropractic care isn’t just an ‘alternative’ to medications, it’s an entirely different approach to health care and to your family’s outlook on health! This is one hour of your time that could radically change the health of your child, or a child you know. Please watch and please share, you’ll be glad you did!

-Dr. Tony

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