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Dr. Matthew Hill

Chiropractor Crystal Lake, Dr. Matthew Hill

Certified Pediatric Chiropractor

Over the past 4 months I have been blessed to get to know and serve your amazing families during my internship. Whether it be interacting with kids, holding babies, doing scans or adjusting, you have made me feel at home. It is no secret that PWC is the best Pediatric and Family Chiropractic office in the world and that is because of everyone who is a part of it. Families we care for, our epic staff at the front and behind the scenes and our expert doctors. That is what makes me and my family being able to continue to be a part of this office as a fully licensed doctor this summer epically incredible and completely humbling all at the same time. Allow me to explain…

I love the saying, ‘its not what you do, but why you do it’.

My wife Crystal and I just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary and like many couples with children we look back and are amazed at how much life has changed, how quick children grow and and all we have learned. I’m sure most of you can agree that days go by slow but the years pass quickly! Like many others my ‘why’ starts with my family.

My wife, Crystal, is a native from the Chicago suburbs growing up in Mount Prospect, IL while I grew up in hot and sunny Phoenix Arizona. We met in undergrad when we both attended Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL, but after 4 years of winter I convinced her to join me in the heat and we moved back to Arizona.

We both wanted to have a big family and not long after the move Crystal was pregnant with our first child. A month before our due date, we found out the scariest thing a future parent can hear, ‘something may be wrong with your baby.’ Crystal was quickly in surgery for an emergency C-section and in a state of shock we brought our first child into the world. Our son, Micah, was born stable and without complications but diagnosed with a brain injury that happened during development. After talking with many medical professionals we were left without hope that anything could help his condition. As hard as this was to accept Crystal and I vowed not to give up, we both continued to pray hard that we would find answers and we believed that God would use our current situation to impact others.


My Chiropractic Journey Began

Dr-matt-and-familyAfter our second son Eli was born we realized we needed to be closer to Crystal’s family and hopped across the country once again back to the Northwest Suburbs and Crystal Lake Area. This is where my Chiropractic journey began at PWC Chiropractic. While we were introduced to Pediatric Chiropractic in Arizona we had just started to see the benefits, making our first priority when we arrived to get him under care in Illinois. We had never heard of PWC before the move, but thankfully PWC had a ‘loud’ voice in the community and we found them.

Like many new patients we attended Dr. Tony’s Perfect Storm lecture and so many of our questions were answered! We began care and started to see amazing changes in Micah, he went from immobile and struggling to communicate to interacting with us and using actions and gestures to tell us what he needed. Like other special needs parents, the benefits we experienced were life changing! The first hug, eye-contact, eating by himself, and playing games gave us the hope and answers we were searching and praying for.

We were blown away with the love, care and results our family had through Chiropractic care at PWC, so much so that we decided we needed to serve others in the same fashion. Our journey to impact others had found a purpose and in 2013 we moved yet again to Davenport, Iowa to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic! I set out on a mission to not only learn Chiropractic but specifically Pediatric Chiropractic, I attended seminars, worked on extra pediatric certifications, trained online and spent every free moment I could with amazing mentors, just like the doctors at PWC.


While in Chiropractic school we added another boy to our growing team and now have three boys Micah who is now 7, Eli who is 4 and our 1-year-old ‘baby’ Zachary. I will always be a dad and husband first and as Crystal will jokingly tell you as long as I can check and adjust her and our 3 boys she will be happy. However, God has bigger plans. He not only gave us direction and hope but he led us to the most impactful Pediatric Chiropractic office in the world, PWC.

Coming back home to PWC Chiropractic and the Crystal Lake community as a doctor is a dream come true. Helping families like ours have hope, care and results no matter what circumstances in life they face is our ultimate ‘WHY we do what we do.’

Just this last week Micah finished 1st grade and Eli had his pre-school graduation in Iowa. Now we are preparing for the big move to Crystal Lake in two weeks. Crystal, Micah, Eli, Zachy and I are so excited and look forward to seeing you at the office or around town. We are blessed to be home and to grow with your families while building the healthiest community in the world.

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