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Dr. Sadey Broecker

My Path to Chiropractic

Chiropractor Crystal Lake, Dr. Sadey BroeckerI was born and raised in a small town in northeastern Wisconsin and am a huge Packer, Badger, beer, and cheese fan by nature! The Packer and Badger thing gets me in trouble in this office, as I am surrounded by Vikings, Cardinals, and Iowa fans! I grew up in a loving home with wonderful parents and 4 siblings that, since growing older, have become my very best friends. We were always told as kids that we could do whatever we set our minds to, and since the age of 5, I set my mind and my dreams on the path of becoming a doctor!

We grew up the way many families did a couple of decades ago. Our favorite family meals were macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. We went to our family physician for stuffy noses and sore throats. The only kind of medicine I truly knew was traditional Western medicine, so as I got older and decisions about my future had to be made, that’s the path I directed my attention to. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of my undergraduate studies that I heard about chiropractic!

I immediately knew it was my calling and that this was the profession I would eventually become a part of to give back and help people like I wanted to.

The rest is truly history! I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, went to chiropractic school, scored an internship here at PWC Chiropractic and have since been offered the opportunity to work beside this incredible team. Seeing the miracles and lives changed within these walls during my internship has completely solidified my purpose and my why.

Kid at Heart

Dr Sadey Broecker's FamilyAs a child, you could find me outside playing dinosaur, rescuing caterpillars from the pavement and transporting them to the grass, and finding different adventures to go on. My parents would have to drag me in for dinner at the end of the day because I loved to be outside discovering and reaping the benefits of this great big wonderful world.

I have always beaten to my own drum and embraced what made me different. I believe this is why I have such a love for kids! Their innocence and excitement for life is something I admire and something I hope to never lose. My favorite thing to do within the walls of PWC is meeting kids that are anxious and nervous to be here, and bringing my inner kid out so that I can connect with them and get them as excited to be here as we are to have them!

In my spare time, I like to cook and bake, go to the gym (okay, maybe I don’t like this, but I do it!), and spend time in Wisconsin with my friends, family and my 4 nieces and nephews! I am also in the process of planning a wedding with my fiancé Adam who, although is a Bears fan, is the greatest dude!

I am so excited and thankful to have the opportunity to meet families and give hope to those that truly didn’t think they had any and to heal these families so that they may live a truly incredible life, like we all deserve and dream to. I would love to meet you, contact us today!

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