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Dr. Stephanie Masek

Dr. Stephanie MasekHi PWC family, my name is Stephanie and I come from the great state of Minnesota where I was raised on the lake with my four brothers. As a family, we were always moving and grooving whether that was sports, hanging out on the lake, or just dancing to The Beach Boys in the basement.

As the health challenges arose in my own family, I started to take an interest in holistic health and science so when I graduated from Iowa State University in Kinesiology, I felt called to look a little deeper into chiropractic. That led me to Life University in Georgia where I was led to further training in pediatric chiropractic with Dr. Tony Ebel.


My chiropractor in school was the first health professional that took the time to empower and remind me that my body was not only intelligent, but capable of healing. The more I learn about the nervous system, the more I want to share this same message about how God designed our bodies to heal from the inside out. I absolutely love working with kids and families to help them live the healthiest lives possible from day one! I am excited to meet you and be a part of your healing journey here at PWC.


Dr. Stephanie Masek | (815) 455-8213