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Is ADHD a Superpower?

What we’ve all been told is that ADHD is a problem. That adults and kids with ADHD are “broken” to some degree, they have something wrong with them. Well, in this article I’m going to address that issue in this way — yes and no.

Truth is, ADHD is a simple condition to understand, because it’s the net effect of other challenges instead of an entity all its own. ADHD has a cause (many of them, actually), just like all things, and its symptoms are simply the effects of those causes. Understand the causes of ADHD and you can learn how to either harness its “superpower” or see how easily one can succumb to its challenges.

Think Like a Porsche

Kids and adults with ADHD undoubtedly have what I like to call “Porsche brains” — meaning their brains like to go fast, and therefore are basically stuck on the “gas” at all times. This element is the key to their superpowers. Fast cars can get places faster, effectively getting more things done in the same amount of time as other cars. That’s why so many of our great innovators, inventors, artists, and entertainers fit the ADHD description.

But if you’ve ever taken a look at a Porsche up close, sure it has a huge engine (brain), but it also has very large brakes, and a very sophisticated and advanced handling and suspension system. Put another way, because a Porsche can go very fast, it must also be able to slow down really fast and be able to handle corners really fast.

A child or adult with ADHD has one piece of that formula, but not both. They have fast-moving brains that constantly want to be on the go, but they have small brakes and poor handling.

In day-to-day life this equates to having a tough time slowing down and sitting still when needed, difficulty paying attention in more slow-moving environments (math class, meetings, etc.), and a tough time transitioning from one activity or subject to another.

If focused on something they love that is fast-paced and dynamic (ex. video games), their ADHD mysteriously goes away and they can stay deeply tuned into that activity for hours and hours.

Are Drugs the Only Option?

So how can we help kids and adults with ADHD better “apply the brakes” and “navigate the corners?” How can we help them better cope with stress, school, work, and the constantly changing demands of life? Are stimulant and psychoactive drugs the only option?

My answer to that last question is more straightforward: No. Drugs are not the only answer and option. That is welcome news to so many parents especially, who are wary of the potent side effects and addictive nature of ADHD drugs.

For eight years now Premier Wellness has focused on ADHD and related conditions like Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism. And for eight years, its been able to help hundreds and hundreds of kids, teenagers, and adults manage their ADHD without drugs and unwanted side effects. We’ve seen countless cases go from constant struggle to celebrated success and thriving.

I, myself, fit the mold of ADHD like a glove. I’m a full-blown “raging bull” who’s got that Porsche brain for sure. And I legitimately thank God every single day for giving me this superpower. I’ve been blessed to learn exactly what strategies and solutions to employ in order to install a better braking and handling system within my brain and body, and I constantly keep it maintained and updated.

Because of that, I also love to teach and share with parents and patients exactly what is causing their challenges, and what they can do about them.

On April 21st we’ll host another Perfect Storm Workshop in Crystal Lake, with a focus on these challenges — ADHD, SPD and ASD. Tickets are $5 and can be found at Our last three local workshops sold out a week in advance, so please don’t delay in getting your tickets.

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