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Meet the Interns

We are thrilled to welcome interns to PWC! Our doctors love supporting the next generation of chiropractors. Our interns will make such an impact on the kids and families in their communities when they graduate and share what they’ve learned!


Jeremy Lawson – Chiropractic Intern

jeremyI grew up in Dixon IL and went to Monmouth College for undergraduate studies. Initially I started off on a path for medical school but the longer I was in the program the more I realized that version of healthcare wasn’t congruent with what I thought healthcare should be. I earned my degree in Sports Medicine and moved to Crystal Lake in 2009.

I met Dr. Tony at CrossFit AMRAP and was a patient in the office prior to going to chiropractic school. Being a patient for several years I was able to observe some amazing journeys that families went through in the office. Not only was I able to observe some amazing stories but what blew me away the most was sitting there, seeing families full of kids going to the doctor and they were all happy to be in the office.

After a few years of encouraging me to go to chiropractic school Dr. Tony won out and I applied, and Im so happy I did. Three and a half years later it feels very surreal to come back to the place where my chiropractic journey began.

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