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Optimizing Fertility Naturally

Bun in the Oven Workshop

The Modern Woman’s Recipe for Optimal Fertility & Natural Conception

Dr. Jennifer Givens brings compassion, knowledge and a fun “baking theme” to a topic that is not always the easiest to talk about.

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In the United States, fertility challenges currently effect 1 in 8 couples. In comparison, breast cancer also currently effects 1 in 8 women. In today’s day and age essentially everyone knows someone who has been impacted by breast cancer. Although fertility challenges do not get nearly as much awareness, they are impacting the same number of women!

Most women grow up knowing that one day they will get married and have children of their own. What is that childhood song…”First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.” What isn’t sung about is the fact that maybe it won’t go as smoothly as it seems. And statistically, it is very likely they will experience the emotional turmoil that comes with having fertility challenges.

With fertility challenges effecting nearly 13% of women, there is very likely one or two of your closest friends who have or are currently struggling to conceive a baby.

The thing that strikes me the most heart wrenching, is the fact that there is such an unspoken raw aspect to fertility challenges…almost like it is taboo to talk about. Maybe its because its difficult to admit its happening to you, maybe its your only way to protect yourself from more pain or emotions or maybe its scary as heck to think of the “what ifs” that often accompany this journey.


Crystal Lake Chiropractor, Dr. JenSharing My Story

It was not until I shared my own personal struggle with sustaining multiple pregnancies that I heard countless other women that have or were experiencing the same challenges.

It was like the flood gates had opened and so many other women wanted me to know they have been in my shoes and they understood the way I was feeling…alone.

I am here to let you know… You Are Not Alone. There are so many other women that have been in your current shoes. There are so many women who have the success stories to follow their struggles. They found the support, guidance and most importantly they found HOPE for their future.

There are More Options Than You Think!

Through my endless research and studying on fertility, one of the most concerning things I learned was that when having challenges, the prevalent options are so limited….Clomiphene, IVF, AI or adoption. Not only limited, but these options are often very expensive and some are not as effective as one may think. IVF, for example, has success rates between 20-35% whereas AI is between 10-20% effective. Not to mention the side effects that accompany such drastic measures and chemical alterations. Couples need to find the best option for them.

Many people don’t realize they have another option….an option that is safe, effective and cost worthy….Chiropractic care. Specific chiropractic adjustments are used to reduce the amount of stress on the nervous system. The central nervous system is our body’s master control center which coordinates all perception and responses to our environment. Chiropractic care is a safe and natural approach to enhance the body’s ability to function properly.

pregnancy-testMy Research into Causes Uncovered One Common Theme

With my specialty and passion in fertility cases, I started to piece together a few common ingredients that I would hear over and over again from several women experiencing these challenges. First of all, these women always have more events, meetings and projects on their calendar than three of the average people combined. Constantly taking on their next challenges, head on! They never stop.

These women are excellent at multi-tasking and have a high standard of self-achievement…always pushing their limits. They were also the ones that didn’t even realize how much stress they were under every day, every hour, every minute. These women are so fast paced and focused on checking off the next thing on their to-do list they do not realize how much every day stress their nervous systems are trying to adapt to. They are running in a full-out gas pedal mode!

This constant level of stress puts their nervous system in a fight or flight, survival mode. Increasing their stress hormones and decreasing everything that promotes growth and development. Essentially completely halting all things needed for conception and growth of a baby! In order to combat this stress, we need to re-establish the growth flourishing mode of the nervous system, allowing hormones and reproductive functions to coordinate the proper timing for a pregnancy to be achieved and sustained.

Chiropractic Solutions

In our office, we joke that when wife and husband are both under consistent chiropractic care…pregnancy just happens. Neurologically, when the “stress” is removed, the body functions as it should, without interference. Allowing proper hormone regulation, ovulation and reproductive functions to occur as they need.

I know this article has been geared toward women, however men have a large role as well. Men have their own ingredients of stress and emotional turmoil during this process, even if they work through it in a different manner. And just as with women, if they have a stressed nervous system running in a full-on gas pedal mode, they are not optimally functioning in order to help in the conception of your baby!

Whether you are currently experiencing fertility challenges or are wanting to be as prepared as possible for conception of your baby, getting your nervous system checked for stress should be your first action step. Quite honestly, there is simply no better place in this community to do so than our office. Let us restore your hope and together set forth the best recipe for optimal fertility and natural conception of your baby.

Dr. Jennifer Givens, D.C., CACCP

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