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How We Helped to Make Karen Incredible Even More

Karin incredibleShe’s not your average Karen, in fact, it’s Karin spelt with an I. And the I stands for INCREDIBLE. Not only is this amazing woman extremely pleasant to be around (and doesn’t demand to speak to the manager ), but she tackles life head on and with a great sense of humor. Karin came to PWC stuck in stress mode that made it difficult for her to get a good night’s sleep, maintain her energy levels, and manage her pain. Now, this woman is handling stress like a boss and seeing some awesome improvements in everyday life.

After starting care at PWC, she is falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. She has noticed a big increase in energy levels. Karin has decided to kick her pain meds to the curb because she no longer needs them. Best of all? Karin says she can now enjoy and participate in more day to day activities that she would normally have had to pass on before. That’s a huge win! And a big win for us is that we are so dang lucky to have this woman as part of our tribe.

If you’re wondering how chiropractic can help you adapt to the stress in your life, we’d love to meet you!

From Perfect Storm to a Healthier and Happier Kiddo

Meet CarsonMeet Carson, now a happy, thriving two year old but he had a less than easy start to life. It all began with a superstar mom who had a tough matchup with STRESS during her pregnancy. This very exciting time was overshadowed by constant testing for a virus (that could have had detrimental effects on baby) and a tough fall that sent her into early contractions. Not to mention the day-to-day stressors that add up when you have two other little ones at home!

The accumulation of stress that expecting moms face in this crazy world (both big and small alike) creates a brewing storm in baby’s tiny developing brain and nervous system. It is a factor found in over 60% of our #perfectstorm cases. The storm then picked up strongly when Carson had to be twisted and pulled out during birth, which was followed by four days spent in the NICU. A tough birth like this is found in 80%+ of our #perfectstorm cases. This perfect storm raged on when he started struggling with torticollis, chronic ear infections, difficulty sleeping, and eventually intense emotional outbursts. That meant hitting, throwing, stomping, screaming, and a very tough time calming down. Deep down mom knew that there was something else going in his little body that kept him so “high strung”, and boy was she right!!!!

The good news starts here: Carson’s parents found hope and answers through a PWC Virtual Workshop. It helped them connect the dots as to WHY his symptoms and mood regulation went hand in hand with the stress built up in his nervous system. After starting care with us, this sweet boy is now is calmly rocking at life. He is a much healthier kiddo who is sleeping well, adapting to changes, and for the first time ever- able to regulate his emotions. Mom described Carson as HAPPY and everyone gets to see that beautiful SMILE more often (boy is it cute!!)! If any of these struggles resonate with your child or you just know deep down something more is going on, we would love to meet you!

We Love Helping Kiddos Feel Comfortable

tierneyMeet Tierney! Tierney is one of the strongest, sweetest, and smartest little ladies you’ll ever meet. If you’re a parent of a little girl, you know that being these 3 things can turn you into a bit of a perfectionist, and the feelings that accompany perfectionism can weigh heavy on you, especially when you’re only 8! Luckily, Tierney’s family decided not to take “she might grow out of it” as an answer and decided to look for other answers!

Tierney came to us a few months back struggling with sensory processing issues, which leads into a vicious cycle of then feeling overwhelmed and anxious often. It really started interfering with daily life, to the point where she couldn’t handle clothes that hugged her body too tightly. She had her regular shoes and dresses that passed the test and didn’t overwhelm her body, but for the most part it was meltdowns and severe anxiety if clothing was involved. Flash forward to now, this sweet girl has a whole new wardrobe and just recently conquered a massive fear- wearing glasses!

There is truly nothing that we at PWC love more than helping kiddos feel comfortable in their bodies. To see Tierney be able to express herself and act like the vibrant, amazing 8 year old she is is the best part of our job!

Every Single Adjustment Matters

tuckerMeet Tucker! This little guy has had a tough time eating food ever since he transitioned over to solids. He was only able to eat the same 5 foods over and over again. Tucker’s nervous system was in such a sensory overload that if he was presented foods like chicken or grapes, he would throw up!

His family was unable to find the answer in any therapies they brought him to. Tucker’s family began researching more and more until they found hope in a Facebook video about The Perfect Storm. They signed up for our next workshop and knew that they found the answer they were looking for – Tucker’s nervous system was stuck in the Perfect Storm!

His family diligently stuck to our doctor’s recommendations and began seeing results quickly! They were only coming a couple of weeks before they started to notice that Tucker did not have major reactions to the food that used to make him throw up. Furthermore, he was even able to actually EAT some of those foods! The therapies that Tucker frequented for 2 years noticed a progression that they had never seen with him. Those practitioners supported chiropractic care so much that they released Tucker from the therapies and allowed his nervous system to take full control! An exciting time for the whole family, as less appointments each week means more time for FUN and family!

During his last progress exam his family revealed something that they thought would never happen. Tucker’s family was able to sit down together and enjoy a dinner where they ALL ate the same thing; a little win that is such an incredibly HUGE thing for a family with sensory challenges!

We hung this gorgeous PWC sign in our office that Tucker’s dad made to remind us how much every single adjustment matters.

Decrease The Stress And Tension

haleyMeet Hailey! Hailey is the sweetest, kindest, happiest little girl! Hailey met us last month struggling with food aversions. Mom and dad weren’t sure of the cause but Hailey had sensory aversions to touching, tasting, or trying anything new. They tried everything from feeding therapy to seeing a speech pathologist but it seemed anxiety would pop up around food and in other places constantly.

Hailey was doing extremely well under chiropractic care, but the true test came in November on Thanksgiving Day. As you can imagine, the weird smells, texture and look of Hailey’s plate would normally be enough to cause her sensory overload. But, Hailey was brave and tried turkey! She still wasn’t a huge fan, but she tried it! Now, since starting care at PWC, Hailey has tried multiple new foods, no longer gets sick around foods (she even played with a bucket of spaghetti noodles, that’s a win if we’ve ever seen one!) and she is even working up to adding veggies!

We are so excited and proud of Hailey and her bravery! It’s so amazing to see how Hailey always had the courage but something inside was holding her back…but what was it?  Well, for kids like Hailey we like to use the saying, “nerves that fire together, wire together” and when stress or fear gets deep-rooted it becomes the new normal, stuck pattern and everything looks like a threat (even turkey dinner!). That’s where chiropractic came into play…decrease the stress and tension to allow new patterns to form, putting the nervous system less in protection mode and more in growth and ease. And voila… turkey (and life) just seems better!

Crushed His Fears

gabeMeet Gable- writer extraordinaire, actor, future roller coaster designer, AND future doctor of chiropractic! Gable has been with us for almost a year and a half now. When he started with us, he was having some trouble focusing in school which as we all know leads to frustration and anxiety for everyone involved. Who else can relate?

Gable saw awesome changes during his care plan and then transitioned into what’s called wellness care. The coolest thing about wellness care is that the wins never stop! The things this kiddo used to struggle with aren’t even topics of conversation anymore, because he is just rocking life! Just recently, he told us of two massive wins that we just HAD to share! First off, this kid who used to struggle with reading and writing sat down and wrote FIVE PAGES on google docs! What’s even cooler is that he actually enjoyed it!

Next, Gable crushed his fears and auditioned for his school play, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Not only did he get an awesome part, but he got on stage and performed in front of tons of people for multiple shows. We think that one deserves a standing ovation! There’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing confident, rockstar kids push themselves out of their comfort zones and just thrive. No kiddo should have obstacles like fear, anxiety, and focus issues in their way when it comes to doing all of the things that make being a kid so fun, and thats what we’re here for!

Kicked The Cycle Of Sickness!

axtonMeet Axton! Axton’s story consists of chronic ear infections, pneumonia over and over again, constant fluid in his sinuses and ears, and even moderate hearing loss. In 5 months, this poor kiddo had been on six different antibiotics, breathing treatments and nebulizers, regular ER visits, and an ENT referral that ended in suggested ear tubes and tonsil/adenoid removal.
At the time, Axton’s mom literally knew NO different. She didn’t know what else to do. She hated the idea of surgery but just wanted her child to be what every parent hopes for: healthy and happy. Developmentally, she knew his letters and sounds and words were delayed because of the hearing loss. Physically, she was knew he was constantly miserable. Emotionally, she knew he was a wreck because he just wanted to feel better.

Finally, Axton’s mom came across a pediatrician that was willing to recommend a different approach. “Try PWC Chiropractic” she told mom. Mom came into the office but was weary. “I’ve never heard of this before…why would it work? Someone would have told me earlier.”
With her arms up, ready to pull her hair out, she brought him. A double ear infection (one bulging ear drum on the verge of bursting) after being off of his previous round of antibiotics for 4 DAYS left her willing to try anything.

That’s when Axton kicked the cycle of sickness! The cycle of antibiotics was over. Never again did he need an ER visit or an ENT referral. Never again did he need a hearing test (because it’s been fully regained!). Never again did mom have to worry about his physical, emotional, or developmental well being. He is HAPPY. He is HEALTHY. There IS a different way! Parents, you deserve to know that!

One Year Ear Infection Free

alexanderMeet Alexander! This awesome little dude has lots to celebrate! He is celebrating ONE YEAR EAR INFECTION FREE since starting care at PWC. From chronic immune challenges and multiple rounds of antibiotics to bringing us homemade scones to celebrate zero ear infections. Wow, what a long way this little man has come and boy are we excited to share in the celebration!

Instead of working backward to just find better treatments for ear infections, colds, coughs, and the sickness that never seems to go away, pediatric chiropractors work on sorting out the underlying cause(s) and focus their care and attention there. What if you could find relief for MORE than 12 hours? What if the relief had no warning labels and could stop the cycle of getting one cold that leads to the sore throat that leads to the cough that never seems to go away?

The Last Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

joeyMeet Joey! He’s a super smart kid who is also a rockstar athlete, especially when it comes to hockey! While Joey has always tried his hardest in school, things didn’t come easy to him in the classroom. Like most 12 year old kids, his struggle with focus and anxiety would take over and not allow him to shine in school the way everyone knew he could! He was getting by with C’s and D’s in school, but his parents and everyone else knew he had so much more in him!

Fast forward 6 months and Joey is now not only a rockstar athlete, rockstar kid, but also a rockstar student! He just completed his core summatives and pulled a 95% in math, 94% in science, and a 50 point increase on his reading diagnostic test. We are so proud of Joey here at PWC and can’t wait to see the huge things he does in life!

For kiddos like Joey, chiropractic is so often the last missing piece of the puzzle. When we have stress and tension on the nervous system, especially super busy teens like Joey, it makes the brain “noisy” and not able to focus, resulting in anxiety, frustration, and bad grades. Calming Joey’s nervous system allowed him to feel his best, function his best, and be the absolutely amazing kid we all know and love- getting great grades, helping mom with chores without being asked, and just crushing life overall!

Amazing Things Happen

coleMeet Cole! We are so incredibly proud of Cole! You see, Cole struggled with lots of anxiety, fear of change, new things, and feeling uncomfortable in everyday situations. Over the past few months Cole’s been getting adjusted and working hard to conquer his fear and he has done amazing things! When Cole’s mom let us know all the progress Cole has made in such a short time, we couldn’t stop smiling! Cole is now going potty on his own without fear, wearing long sleeve shirts, able to start the day at school easier, comfortable on the playground, and has an easier time going into new social situation! Most importantly, Cole is on a good trajectory growing, developing, and building on his success!

Having fear and anxiety hardwired is really difficult, especially for kids. We are so joyful when we see the shift and breakthroughs occur within PWC! When we give the body the ability to heal and reconnect from the inside out, AMAZING things happen!  Pediatric chiropractic is focused on the nervous system, the thing that controls every function of our bodies!  Having your little one’s nervous system checked could be the most important thing you do.

Every Kiddo Can Be A Better Version Of Themselves!

hadleyMeet Hadley! Hadley’s wonderful parents found us through a Facebook group where moms were talking about “The Perfect Storm.” Once learning exactly what the perfect storm was and learning what chiropractic care can do for these kiddos stuck in the storm, Hadley’s parents never looked back! Hadley came to us struggling with anxiety, sensory processing disorder, possible auditory processing, and some emotional and impulsivity challenges. Like many other kiddos with these struggles, Hadley’s family had tried everything under the sun- homeopathic remedies, supplements, holistic doctors, play therapy, eye doctors, and occupational therapy. While these therapies all did tremendous things for Hadley, often times we see that chiropractic is just the final missing piece of the puzzle to get these kiddos flourishing and really adapting to this crazy thing we call life!

Fast forward to this school years IEP review meeting, and Hadley’s parents had amazing things to say about how far this sweet girl has come! Here is the update Hadley’s mom shared with us,
“The social worker, who spent much of Hadley’s kindergarten year with her (both in and out of the classroom) is absolutely speechless about the progress Hadley has made as a first grader! She briefly mentioned this to us during conferences in November, but we really got to hear more details yesterday. Just about every school issue we were dealing with a year ago has subsided. Hadley is now able to handle transitions so much better through out her day (from morning care to the classroom and back to afternoon care), she is able to enter the gym and participate in PE – even being a leader and offering to partner with kids who need one, rarely uses her headphones, rarely walks around the classroom (she was doing so about every 30 minutes in kinder and very rarely does so now), and uses her breaks appropriately when needed. We kept asking questions based on the behaviors and supports in place we knew of last year and the team continued to tell us that she was either no longer engaging in the behavior/needing the specific support or it was seen significantly less.”

What we love about chiropractic is that it allows kiddos to still be the fun, quirky kids we know and love, but helps them feel more comfortable in their bodies. It allows their bodies to be the hero, and helps them unleash the best version of themselves and develop socially and emotionally at whatever rate their body is comfortable with! At PWC, we see untapped, limitless potential in every child who walks through our doors and know that with a calm nervous system, every kiddo can be a better version of themselves!

Whole Family Wellness

cassieMeet Cassie, Leona, Caleb, and Callan! The whole family comes to us for care, which makes us about as happy as it gets! Callan was the first kiddo to get started under care due to having fevers and ear infections on a monthly basis. Since all of Cassie’s kiddos had been prone to ear infections, she knew that if she didn’t get ahead of it he would be looking at years to come filled with ear infections and drainage issues. After seeing a massive drop in the number of ear infections Callan was experiencing, Cassie knew two of her other kids, Leona and Caleb, nervous systems needed a hard reset just like Callan.

Having been with us for so long, Cassie knew that stressors present early on in kids lives tend to stick with them and bog down their nervous system over time. Leona and Caleb’s case history consisted of hospitalizations, antibiotics, and steroids, all in just their first year of life. Their immune systems were struggling and they regularly missed 7-14 days of school every year. Fast forward to today, just a year later, and this family is crushing life together! Caleb and Leona have missed half of the days of school that they did before starting and are happy that their gut and immune systems are stronger than ever!

Cassie started care most recently, as most moms do, and also knew that getting her back into a good place would be no easy feat. She came to us in pain due to degenerative disc disease as well as old injuries in her low back. As a working mom, professional dancer, and bartender, she knew that the stressors in her life were not lessening any time soon and that it was time to put herself first. Cassie recently told us she’s noticed an extreme increase in her mobility and range of motion. While she still has her “bad days” like all moms do, she’s so happy to be not confined to her bed any more on those days, allowing her to live her life to the fullest and be the rockstar mom that she is!

The Birth She Has Always Wanted

stephanieMeet Stephanie! As a first time mom, Stephanie was so excited about her pregnancy and birth goals. When her doctor told her that her baby was footling breech, she felt an immediate sense of discouragement, because she wasn’t going to be able to experience the birth she prepared for. However, because of our amazing neighbors at Sweet Feet Yoga and a little nudge from her co-workers, she turned to PWC to see if her baby would go head down.

After just a few weeks of consistent chiropractic adjustments to help Stephanie’s nervous system function at its most optimal potential, Stephanie was left with a balanced and calm nervous system, resulting in normal pelvic movement! When the nervous system is calm, all else follows and that means baby was able to flip head down!

Not only does baby have more room to move and less tension on it’s spine and nervous system, Stephanie is feeling better than ever with more energy and flexibility to finish her pregnancy with ease. She can now go after that birth she has always wanted!

Function At Your Best

jonA common question we get in our office is, “do you see adults too?” The answer is YES! Meet Jon! Jon played hockey throughout his life and experienced many physical traumas, as most hockey players do! As a result, we met Jon at 26 years old in such severe pain that he just knew he was going to end up in a wheelchair before 40. At this point, Jon had three different herniations in all 3 main areas of his spine. He had been through the wringer- MRIs, scans, regular spinal specialist visits, physical therapy, and most recently, steroid injections that seemed to put a band-aid on the physical pain, but were painful on the wallet!

Sarah, Jon’s finance, came in for care at PWC first and had actually made new patient appointments for both of them at the same time. On the day of the appointment, Jon ended up cancelling due to being told by specialists that chiropractic care could injure him further. Thankfully, after lots of pushing from his wonderful other half, Sarah, Jon came to Sarah’s report of findings appointment where the doctors go over your scans and care plan. While going over Sarah’s scans, Jon was able to see that PWC is not your regular, run-of-the-mill chiropractic office. He was excited to hear about the neurological approach that we take in our office and knew that what he was hearing from us was completely different than what any of his specialists had been telling him.

After deciding to put his full trust in us, we got Jon scanned and started under care. In just 3 months, Jon has done phenomenal under our neurologically focused care! Constant pain signals being sent through your nervous system bombards your brain with input, and eventually your nervous system gets exhausted trying to keep up! That’s when your body shifts into activating your sympathetic nervous system to protect itself, but living in constant survival mode leaves your body with no energy to focus on other important daily functions like sleep, digestion, immune function, the list goes on and on! With a balanced nervous system, not only is Jon in much less pain, but he knows his body is functioning at it’s best. The real big “win” out of Jon’s whole story though is that chiropractic care for him meant no more steroid injections and constant testing and specialist visits, and that is why we do what we do! We love helping everyone, even adults, feel AND function at their best!

So Long Ear Infections

lucianoLuciano’s mom came to us at PWC because he was having chronic ear infections…. 5 in 9 months to be exact. And to make things even harder, every time he was put on antibiotics, his little body would have such a negative reaction to them. He would end up getting a rash and throwing up all the medicine. It made it impossible for mom to know if Luciano was getting the medicine to help the infection! His mom said “it was either PWC or tubes!” and she gave PWC a shot! And we’re so glad she did!

Having a new baby who is always uncomfortable, not sleeping or meeting all the milestones is exhausting on a family. It effects every family member. Even Luciano’s older sister was missing out on that special time with her parents because they were so worried about making sure Luciano was comfortable and sleeping.

Within the few first weeks of care mom started noticing a difference in her little guy. She had originally brought Luciano in for ear infections but noticed that he was starting to meet more and more milestones! Her 9 month old who always seemed to be in a bit of a fog was now interacting and engaging with people around him. He was becoming way more active and the best part is Luciano has had ZERO ear infections since starting care with us!!

Sensory, Speech, Social

When we first met Kylan last year, he was struggling. He was having #meltdowns pretty much from the moment he woke up to the time he was ready for bed. It was hard for mom and dad because they hated to see their kiddo struggle. It was also really hard for them because there was no good way to discipline him. Kylan had a difficult time comprehending what mom and dad wanted of him. Kylan was also struggling with his #speech. He couldn’t comprehend what others were saying and he had a hard time expressing himself verbally. You could see the gears moving in this mind but he just couldn’t get words out. Kylan was chewing on everything and was seeking constant #sensory input from his environment. He struggled socially and emotionally. He wasn’t interacting with his peers at school or with his siblings at home. He had a disinterest in toys and books. He couldn’t calm himself down at night and hard a really difficult time sitting still.

These struggles were beginning to affect not only Kylan, but his siblings. His parents were worried sick and incredibly nervous about what his future would hold. His teachers were reporting that he wasn’t improving on his IEP regardless of the extensive services that he was receiving in PT, OT, speech, and social emotional. Everyone was recommending evaluations for sensory, spectrum, anxiety, something.

Read More About Kylan

Mom and dad came to The Perfect Storm last year and decided to jump all in to chiropractic and PWC. And we are SO glad they did! Kylan is THRIVING. His speech and comprehension are getting better and better every day. He is hitting social and emotional milestones and playing with his classmates and siblings. His meltdowns have gone WAY down and when he does have one, he understands consequences and discipline. He understands compromise. Mom and dad just had an IEP meeting with his school a couple weeks back and they said he is making HUGE strides and is a completely different kid!


Happy FamilyEvery day our office is filled to the brim with full families that come hang with us once a week to STAY well! This fam sees us together, all for different reasons. Mom is currently growing a baby and chasing twins at home! She stays well adjusted to help her handle mom stress + prevent the aches and pains that many accept as normal during pregnancy + prepare her body for the most optimal labor and delivery! Dad gets adjusted because he’s a busy guy that doesn’t like having to slow down! He wants to be able to work + chase after his babies + date his wife + work out without pain and an elevated ability to adapt! Those cutie pie twins get adjusted to ensure the most optimal growth and development as they get older!

Although each family member comes in for something a little different, one common theme runs throughout: PREVENTION! Our healthcare system tends to focus on reaction rather than prevention most often. But so many of our families get adjusted regularly as a part of their wellness routine because they understand the ability chiropractic has on preventing so many issues in the first place! So fun to see our walls jam packed with wonderful families just like this one! And we can’t wait to care for the newest member of this fam once she is earthside!

Ready to begin your own story? Let’s talk. Call our Crystal Lake office today.

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