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PWC Chiropractic Reviews

Just as we are excited about transforming lives, our patients are equally excited to share their experiences with others.
Our Crystal Lake Chiropractic team knows that outstanding reviews and quality of chiropractic care matter to new patients.
PWC Chiropractic invites you to see what our patients have to say!

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Pain Free

I can not say enough good things about premier wellness and all of the doctors and staff. At 29 weeks pregnant I have been in pain and not sleeping. After just one adjustment by Dr. Ron my hip pain has nearly disappeared. Also, I was able to kneel down to give my two year old a bath pain free for the first time in months. I am very excited to continue treatments through the end of my pregnancy and beyond.

~ Devin D.


From the moment I called to make my appointment, all the way up until I left my appointment, everything was fantastic! Extremely nice people everywhere, and not the fake nice kind :-) Very genuine and explained things in a way that anyone could understand. I look forward to my future appointments as well as those for our baby, once he/she is born!

~Melissa O.

Thank you for the Patience and Compassion

Thank you for the patience and compassion shown to me and both of my kids! Everyone made us feel so taken care of and important.

~Rebecca B.

Felt at Home

All of the staff were warm and kind. I especially appreciated the time taken to orient us to the practice and efforts to make us feel welcome!

~Megan P.

“The Perfect Storm” Changed Everything

When I heard “The Perfect Storm” for the first time, my son with autism was 14-years old. When he was diagnosed 12 years prior, no one told me how sick he was. Yes, he had all the symptoms of autism, but he was also a very sick child. He had huge immune issues, digestive issues, headaches and more. At that point we had done tons of research, and I understood the role that toxins and vaccination had played in my son’s autism and illness. We had changed his diet radically and gotten him on several supplements. We also had lots of therapies going for him. It all helped, but he was still struggling in terms of health and every day function. Clearly we needed more
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Hearing Dr. Tony’s “Perfect Storm” presentation for the first time made me think about my son’s body on a much more foundational level. The nervous system controls everything, absolutely every system, organ, tissue, etc. If the nervous system was not functioning optimally, then everything else we were doing couldn’t have the greatest possible impact. We immediately started getting my son adjusted several times a week. It helped his headaches, his digestion and his hyperactivity. Chiropractic adjustment quickly became a super important tool in our arsenal to treat his many issues. We can do so many great things for our bodies with appropriate dietary choices, targeted supplementation, regular exercise, good sleep, etc. Chiropractic care sets the body up to really make the most of those things and maximize our health. It is the foundation. It sets the stage for optimal health.

~Linda Betzold

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