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Vacation Mom

vacation-mom-and familyI am fresh off a ten day vacation with my family so I’m really HAPPY. Like so happy that I love everything about my life, my kids annoying little habits have all disappeared and I even love snuggling my husband after having little hands on me all day.

Basically I’m a new person and I don’t want this person to go away, I want her to stay forever. My whole family agrees that vacation mom is their favorite and I actually agree with them.

So the big challenge is how do we as busy moms slow down and breathe and fully enjoy our lives among the daily mundane tasks? So I made a list for myself of things I love and how I can ensure I do those things to blend more vacation mom into real life mom. I’m hoping you feel a little inspired as the weather warms up, the flowers start to peak out and the sun reminds us Midwesterners that “new” is all around us.

Top Priority

My top priority is staying on an adjustment schedule. As I get busy I tend to get adjusted on a “needed basis” which is the worst way to do it. I know this and my chiropractor/husband is always sure to point this out to me. Since I travel with my chiropractor and I have lots of free time I get adjusted 2-3 times during the vacation and holy moly what a wonder that is! My shoulder doesn’t get stiff from baby holding, my neck doesn’t ache even with hotel pillows and the tension I always get in my mom zone disappears completely. I could argue that it’s the vacation but I’m going to experiment and actually stick to my schedule and try to remove my chiropractor/husband’s title of “most difficult patient” by following his recommendations and see what happens.

The second thing I’m scheduling into my week is a bedtime. I know it sounds silly for a grown up but on vacation our whole family goes to bed together and it’s a little late for the kids and a little early for us but man do I wake up rested, in a good mood and so clear! Real life mom needs some kid free time to accomplish that never ended to-do list but real life mom tried to accomplish all this in a fog at night. So I’m taking that amazing, well-rested feeling from vacation and scheduling an early bedtime and waking up early to start my day with a fresh bullet proof coffee and mowing through my to-do list. Granted some mornings I have early wakers so I might need to take some late nights here and there to stay on top of things but I’m going to do my best to keep my bedtime.

Focusing More On What I’m Doing Right

Since I don’t want to let myself down with my new vacation mom goals the only other thing I’m adding for myself is focusing more on what I’m doing right. I think I’m with many of you parents where we tend to focus on what didn’t go right, what we didn’t do or how we did something wrong. I want to fill my brain with so much of what I’m doing right that the annoying part of my perfection brain can’t send me any of those negative messages.

I’m a realist so I know vacation mom simply can’t exist in the real mom world. Real mom has a sh#& ton to do in the day and a lot of people that rely on her. So I don’t plan to lay out a towel on the couch and spend the day in my tankini but I definitely want to take some of that laid back, vacation mom and blend more of her into my life because the other thing vacation mom noticed is that my kids are getting older, they aren’t going to wait for me to get my to-do list done to grow up. They will grow up whether I slow down and enjoy them or not. I want that moment when my nest is empty to be filled with memories and happiness versus an empty to-do list. So I’m hoping vacation mom stands her ground and butts herself into my life a whole lot more.

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