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Best-of-the-Fox-2014Welcome to Premier Wellness Chiropractic

Crystal Lake Chiropractors are Family Wellness and Pediatric Specialists (Certified Pediatric Chiropractors)

Crystal Lake chiropractic patients are fortunate to have chiropractors who focus on the wellness of the entire family. Whether you’ve “been everywhere” and have gotten no results, or you are looking for an even higher quality of life, your chiropractors should be from Premier Wellness Chiropractic.

“Our pediatric certification is what really sets us apart from other Crystal Lake chiropractors in our ability to care for highly challenging pediatric cases such as ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder and even Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy,” explains Dr. Anthony Ebel.

From general family wellness to specialized condition care, we have you covered.

Premier Wellness Chiropractic also offers wellness care through our
Functional Movement Program, which includes specific neurosensory
therapy, Functional Nutrition Program, which is run by a Doctor
of Functional Nutrition with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition,
and education in creating healthy and active lifestyles
focused on eating well, moving well and thinking well.

By offering neurologically-based chiropractic care,
movement based sensory therapy and nutritional
testing and guidance all under one roof, Premier
Wellness Chiropractic is able to provide general
family wellness care and health, wellness,
prevention care to the individual and entire family.

Can our unique approach to natural relief and
health care help you? Find out. We’ve helped many
Crystal Lake-area families who went from chiropractor to
chiropractor and finally found results in our office.
Call today to find out if we can help you too!

Dr. Anthony Ebel | Dr. Jen Pendergast
Premier Wellness Chiropractic | Crystal Lake Chiropractors | (815) 455-8213