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Patient Testimonies

{PRACTICE NAME} ReviewsJust as we are excited about transforming lives, our patients are equally excited to share their experiences with others. Read their stories below and feel free to call our office with any questions about making your first appointment!

The PWC Team looks forward to meeting you soon!

Pain Free

I can not say enough good things about premier wellness and all of the doctors and staff. At 29 weeks pregnant I have been in pain and not sleeping. After just one adjustment by Dr. Ron my hip pain has nearly disappeared. Also, I was able to kneel down to give my two year old a bath pain free for the first time in months. I am very excited to continue treatments through the end of my pregnancy and beyond.

~ Devin D.


From the moment I called to make my appointment, all the way up until I left my appointment, everything was fantastic! Extremely nice people everywhere, and not the fake nice kind :-) Very genuine and explained things in a way that anyone could understand. I look forward to my future appointments as well as those for our baby, once he/she is born!

~Melissa O.

Thank you for the Patience and Compassion

Thank you for the patience and compassion shown to me and both of my kids! Everyone made us feel so taken care of and important.

~Rebecca B.

Felt at Home

All of the staff were warm and kind. I especially appreciated the time taken to orient us to the practice and efforts to make us feel welcome!

~Megan P.

“The Perfect Storm” Changed Everything

When I heard “The Perfect Storm” for the first time, my son with autism was 14-years old. When he was diagnosed 12 years prior, no one told me how sick he was. Yes, he had all the symptoms of autism, but he was also a very sick child. He had huge immune issues, digestive issues, headaches and more. At that point we had done tons of research, and I understood the role that toxins and vaccination had played in my son’s autism and illness. We had changed his diet radically and gotten him on several supplements. We also had lots of therapies going for him. It all helped, but he was still struggling in terms of health and every day function. Clearly we needed more.

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Hearing Dr. Tony’s “Perfect Storm” presentation for the first time made me think about my son’s body on a much more foundational level. The nervous system controls everything, absolutely every system, organ, tissue, etc. If the nervous system was not functioning optimally, then everything else we were doing couldn’t have the greatest possible impact. We immediately started getting my son adjusted several times a week. It helped his headaches, his digestion and his hyperactivity. Chiropractic adjustment quickly became a super important tool in our arsenal to treat his many issues. We can do so many great things for our bodies with appropriate dietary choices, targeted supplementation, regular exercise, good sleep, etc. Chiropractic care sets the body up to really make the most of those things and maximize our health. It is the foundation. It sets the stage for optimal health.

~Linda Betzold

Comfort During Pregnancy

Before coming to Premier Wellness I was extremely discouraged, in pain and over all not enjoying my pregnancy. My delivery with my son was a c section and not the delivery that I wanted at all. Since seeing Dr. Ron and Dr. Jen I have felt hopeful that I will have the delivery that I want, and have been so much more comfortable in this pregnancy. They have taken the time to sit and talk to me about all the concerns that I have. I finally feel that I have someone who understands what I want and need during this pregnancy and I am extremely grateful. I would recommend Premier Wellness to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for having such an amazing, attentive, and caring staff! ~Nicole O.

Chiropractic & Asthma

Dr. Tony sits down with with a patient to discuss her history with allergies and asthma and how chiropractic care affected her life.

Chiropractic Releases the Incredible Potential of a Child with Aspergers

Dr. Tony & Owen

Dr. Tony & Owen

At our wits end, we made an appointment with Dr. Tony – our lives were about to take a dramatic change all for the better. Our son underwent scans and x-rays to analyze his spinal positioning, all of this was foreign to me, but why not give this a chance. Upon seeing the results, and the detailed explanation from Dr. Tony – a light went off, our son was going to be okay.

I’d never felt so much faith that a solution for him was so accessible. For six weeks we went through five adjustments a week, then rescanned him for results… It was nothing short of a miracle. It truly changed our lives, and I will never again look at my sons future with worry and fear.

Our son was born through a long and stressful birth process. His first four months of life were spent screaming, and crying, easily over stimulated by sight, sound and movement. During this time, he only slept in my arms in an upright position, seeming to be in pain otherwise. He was so easily upset by lights and visual patterns, we eliminated any patterns or bright colors from his little world.

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He grew out of colic, thankfully and became a happier little fellow. He was subject to over stimulation, no television for three years, it sent him into hyper orbit. He always had a very firm routine, any changes in his schedule were met with great in his disposition: anger, meltdowns, emotional outbursts, screaming and crying. Seemingly unable to control his emotions, we controlled what we could, mandatory 12 hours of sleep at night, routine, routine, routine seemed to keep him less volatile. Yet still subject to extreme emotional swings.

He was always a very active boy, physical at all times, very easily distracted, yet sometimes so focused he seemed in a trance. And very accident prone, we quickly became ER regulars due to falls, head injuries, and a myriad of other things associated with having balance issues, ear infections, and croup. Coupled with all this our little buddy was so prone to motion sickness, a ride in the car to the grocer would lead to vomiting, and swinging at the park made for lots of nausea and vomiting too. Then preschool began, me being a stay at home mom, he had never been in a large setting of children with loud sounds, movements from all sides, and the general chaos of a preschool setting.

His reaction was extreme over stimulation. Upon picking him up after two hours in his preschool setting, he was another child, greatly increased hyper behavior, melting down, as if someone put his little body on overdrive and he had no control. This preschool situation ended after a few months, the wonderful teachers he had just couldn’t provide him with the attention to keep him safe and take care of the other children. Greatly concerned for my sons future, we spoke with specialists and his pediatrician – seeking direction and answers to make his world a safe and productive one. He went through academic, social, and emotional testing with professional therapists, the prognosis was social development delay, very high intelligence, but an inability to function in a social setting with peers. He entered a new program and for a year met four times a week with therapists to work on these problem areas, in tandem attending a preschool program. In the meantime he had constant ear infections and croup. His pediatrician wanted to wait to on tubes in his ears to be sure he didn’t out grow these issues on his own. The routine began, catch a cold, get croup, and double ear infections – a week or two on antibiotics, healthy for a few weeks, and it all started again.

His social skills were slowly improving, under the care of a great program, but the hyper behavior, easily over stimulated, and ear infections persisted. Routine and structure were still mandatory, becoming less easy as the ear infections were happening every month or so, accompanied by croup, and many nights of missed sleep for him. Our pediatrician kept reassuring us we were doing all the right things, having him on a strict routine, strict dietary intake, and he was just sensitive to motion, croup, balance problems, and ear infections. My husband and I were very concerned that our son also had Aspergers Syndrome, our pediatrician agreed he had a high probability to test positive and to keep up with the therapy and hope for the best. He was academically tested again by the same group of great therapists, and he was diagnosed with Aspergers, something my husband and I predicted. It was recommended to continue with the therapy, and hope for the best.

Hoping for the best was not working to ‘fix’ the war he seemly fought within himself on a regular basis, what could we do to ease his inability to ‘be himself’… It was recommended that we see Dr. Tony Ebel, a chiropractor specializing in pediatric issues. I was very skeptical, always being a believer in Western medicine, and not having faith that a chiropractor would have any impact. I thought, for a year he was given great care from a very capable team of specialists, and therapists – what possibly could a chiropractor do for my son? At this point, I was so worried for my sons development, would he ever be healthy? Would he ever learn to function in a social setting? Academically he was advanced, socially he was not ready for day to day peer interaction… Kindergarten was less than a year away, but, he was so far from prepared to deal with social settings, not be overwhelmed with outside distractions.

At our wits end, we made an appointment with Dr. Tony – our lives were about to take a dramatic change all for the better. Out son underwent scans and x-rays to analyze his spinal positioning, all of this was foreign to me, but why not give this a chance. Upon seeing the results, and the detailed explanation from Dr. Tony – a light went off, our son was going to be okay. I’d never felt so much faith that a solution for him was so accessible. For six weeks we went through five adjustments a week, then rescanned him for results… It was nothing short of a miracle, and made more sense than anything ever had for our son. He was slowly becoming less agitated, less clumsy, able to function in a social setting without entering his overdrive mode, less hyperactivity, no more ear infections, no more motion sickness. Best of all, he seemed happy with himself. Instead of fighting against himself, always at war with is little body – he was the little boy we knew was hiding inside of himself.

Three months later, our son’s grandparents who very skeptical, and concerned we were doing the wrong thing through seeking alternative medicine for his treatment, are all amazed at the new grandson they have. Friends and family seeing him through the holidays were nothing short of amazed and so thrilled for our family… The difference Premier Wellness treatments have made in our sons’ life cannot be put into words. But the wisdom we have gained, the future our little fellow has ahead of him is thanks to the miracle workings of Dr. Tony Ebel. My gratitude and faith go beyond anything I can express. As a mother, if you do anything other than love your children, provide them with proper chiropractic care. It truly changed our lives, and I will never again look at my sons future with worry and fear, I am optimistic and a full believer that this is all due to his body finally being able to function as it is intended to – thanks to Dr. Tony – our sons’ future is limitless. With gratitude for the light you brought into our sons life, and with tears of joy – thank you again, -Amy

baby-colinAddressing Trauma from Childbirth

Team ABC loves Dr. Tony! Our boy Colin had a stroke during delivery, seizures, and now exactly one month since our first appt with Dr. Tony, we are weaning him off of medication.

So blessed to be working with such a wonderful chiropractor and friend.

~Team ABC

Post Pregnancy Leg Numbness Gone & Transformative Second Pregnancy

TestimonialI gave birth to my beautiful son, Micheal, in June of 2005. The day after he was born, the nurses had asked me to get up and see if I could walk to the bathroom. I got up, stood up and took a step and my legs gave out under me. I had never felt that helpless before in my life. They got me back in bed and told me not to try to get up again without assistance of at least 2 nurses. Upon leaving the hospital, my husband, mom and I stopped for some things before heading home and I was walking into the store and I just fell over. Crumpled to the ground. They assured me the numbness in my legs would subside in the next day or so. It didn’t. So, when I had had enough of feeling this numbness more than 3 years later, yes, 3 years, I called and made an appointment.

I had other back pain, but nothing was more bothersome to me than this constant numbness in my legs. I couldn’t sit on the floor for more than a few minutes without going numb in my legs. After Dr. Tony showed me the x-ray and where they would inject the epidural needle into my back blindly, there was a small curve in my spine which would explain my numbness. The pain subsided, the numbness gone away…I never imagined that I could be “fixed.”

Read on to learn about Roxanne’s next pregnancy…

I had other back pain, but nothing was more bothersome to me than this constant numbness in my legs. I couldn’t sit on the floor for more than a few minutes without going numb in my legs. After Dr. Tony showed me the x-ray and where they would inject the epidural needle into my back blindly, there was a small curve in my spine which would explain my numbness. The pain subsided, the numbness gone away…I never imagined that I could be “fixed.” I was sure that the epidural I regret receiving was a permanent reminder of the birth that was not as I had imagined it. I had developed pre-eclampsia, was administered pitocin to “get things moving,” and been given magnesium for my spiked blood pressure. The feeling from that chemical concoction is not something I will ever forget. Micheal was born healthy, thankfully. We had horrible trouble with him wanting to nurse and I gave it up, reluctantly, about 2-3 weeks into it.

I swore with my next child, things were going to be different. And they were. Fast forward now to December of 2009, I delivered another beautiful son, Logan. This pregnancy went smoothly, no signs of pre-eclampsia, no problems at all. And I truly believe that because I was able to remain balanced throughout the entire pregnancy by Dr. Tony, that the birth was such a positive experience. I was able to deliver Logan naturally, without the aid of any medication at all, and am so proud to be able to say that. I gave birth to him in less than 8 hours, was only in hard labor for about 2 hours and was able to deliver him in less than 10 minutes.

I’m still amazed! Logan seemed to be doing well with nursing at first, but things took a turn. He seemed to constantly pull on and off with the latch, would scream in utter pain and we had no idea what could be wrong. I just thought that I was doing something wrong or that he wasn’t getting a good latch. Naturally, I thought it was ME. He cried, I cried, my older son cried. Any visitor seeing us must have thought, wow, these three sure cry a LOT! But I was devoted to nursing, I wouldn’t give it up. I gave up with Mikey, but not this time. After having lunch with my mom on her birthday, I decided that since I was in Crystal Lake that I would give Dr. Tony and everyone at PWC a visit with the new little O’Brien.

Logan was just a day over 4 weeks old. Dr. Tony asked me if Logan always sat with his head tilted to one side and I said, well, yes, why? He said to me, let me see him. At that moment, Logan started to fuss in his carseat, as he always did. So, I took him out and and this point, he was screaming like he did at home. Dr. Tony wanted to see him right away in the other room. Next to the day he was born, this was the second best day of my life. They adjusted him and within 10 minutes, he nursed just fine and I saw this light in his eyes and the relief on his face. From the strain of a very quick delivery, he was in pain. That was the problem with him not wanting to nurse and for him crying for no reason.

Logan came in for the next visit and each visit thereafter, he was more relaxed and calm and happy. The only bit of advice that Dr. Tony told me was to eliminate dairy out of my diet and that would aid in his digestion being better. It did and I must say, as hard as it was to start, I’m glad for both of us that I followed his suggestion. I feel much better because of it, and of course, so does Logan. And today, he’s the super smiley and giggly baby that everyone comments on no matter where we are. As Dr. Tony said, “THIS is the way babies should be.” He is so right! The things I’ve experienced in a relatively short amount of time at Premier Wellness are invaluable to me. I cannot express enough thanks to the entire staff there for the treatment we’ve received. I tell EVERYONE I know about them and encourage those that are skeptical of chiropractic to try it, you won’t regret it. I could really write more and say more great things about my experiences, but in a nutshell, my life and my children’s lives are better because of Dr. Tony and everyone at PWC. -Roxanne

Feeling Good

I felt better after my very first visit! I haven’t felt well in such a long time that I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good again. I am so extremely hopeful about my visits in the future. Everyone is so nice and you immediately feel comfortable. Thank you. ~Diane W.

kindraWorth the Drive!

Love this practice and what it has done for our families well being.

My only complaint…I wish I had known about them when they first started. I wouldn’t go to any other chiropractor.

They are worth the drive for our family.

~Kindra H.

Chiropractic Care is a Vital Part of  Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

Best described as P.D.D. (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). Associated with his condition is mental impairment and ADHD symptoms, bipolar patterns of mood and behavior.

Jonathon will be 15 yrs. old in May. For the last 7 yrs. he has been on the same medicine -Adderall and Seroquel. Since Dec. 2010, we have been tapering him off the meds. We have successfully taken him off Seroquel and have only 5mg. left to go until he is off the Adderall. So, what changes did we make and where are we today? Once again, it is a number of things collectively working together. I was directed first and foremost to the most important step- PWC Chiropractic. We approached Jonathon’s difficulties head on and aggressively. This included visits 3 times a week and rehab 2 times a week. Cleaned up his eating/ nutritional habits, added supplements eliminated processed foods, white flour, sugary foods, no dairy, and drinking LOTS of water. And- also during these treatments a Thermal Scan was done and found Jonathon had Scoliosis. We would never have learned that otherwise.Show More

Today we are seeing the true Jonathon that GOD intended him to be. He sleeps better and more soundly, no more “night terrors”. He has frequent bowels; he was going 1 a week. Although Jonathon was always involved in sports and “Special Recreation” programs he didn’t have the coordination and balance needed to meet his full potential. Today, because of the rehab he gets at Premier Wellness he has significantly improved. He is now speaking in more complete sentences which are understandable. He is able to stay on tasks and focus and function at a higher level. The bottom line is combining all these elements to achieve success. Make no mistake; this was not an easy process- especially when we were “detoxing” Jonathon from the “meds”. The rewards outweigh those days that were tough we know there is no cure for Jonathon’s disability, instead we look at what can be the ABILITY… we are hoping for a better quality of life for him thru Chiropractic.

We are so GRATEFUL for Dr. Tony and his Staff and all they are doing to help change so many lives for the better. To ALL parents and caregivers of “Special Needs” kids; get informed, educate yourselves and get Well Adjusted. You are not alone. Get involved with a parent support group, if there isn’t one in your area, form one! I did, we meet the first Monday of every month. And above all give it to God; our Children are Gifts from God.

Thank you Dr. Tony for being the change you want to see in the world.

Respectfully, ~ Chris

Healthier Family

You guys rock! No, seriously, no neurologist, therapists (OT, DT, ST, or PT), or pediatrician ever gave me any concrete answers with full confidence. I have to admit I was taken back with the confidence that was projected with the expected outcomes. Not only has our little guy surpassed my expectation, but our whole family is healthier because of this practice. I went in with intentions of treating our 1 child and now our family of 6 considers your practice Primary Care. Thank you!

Pain & Numbness Gone Along with a few Welcome Side-affects!

Before I started chiropractic care I was dealing with many issues on the right side of my body. Starting with a specific spot in my shoulder that was uncomfortable all the time and I was unconsciously stretching my neck to the opposite side throughout the day. I was unable to lift my right arm above my shoulder without my arm and or hand going numb. Even the easiest task of writing is very difficult. When I sat at the computer for a few minutes my hand would become very cold my fingers would tingle and even go numb. I had aches and pains across the back of my hand whenever I used it. I found myself gripping things very hard without even realizing it.

Now after a month of chiropractic care my symptoms are absolutely gone and my strength is returning to my arm. I have also noticed I have a higher energy level and I sleep much better. I am generally happier, less critical and I have noticed my improved relationships. It’s amazing on how much I learned about how my body works and how it can easily hear with the proper tools. Thank you PWC Chiropractic for giving me my life back!

~ Katie N.

wellnessBenefits of Wellness Care

Getting adjusted on a regular basis has truly changed our lives!

Chiro care, along with living a clean and healthy lifestyle, has allowed our family to live life to the fullest!

~Ashley S.

Lyme Disease & Chiropractic Care

When I first started care at PWC Chiropractic I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and my health had become very poor. I am an extremely health eater so to be so sick I knew something had to be done. I had degenerating muscles with neck and shoulder pain along with neurological effects happening all at the same time. I could feel that my present health challenges had an overall adverse affect on my overall health and ability to experience an optimal quality of life.

After just a month of care with PWC Chiropractic I noticed many health changes. I had more movement, better range of motion, my skin color had begun to turn back to normal, and I had less pain and burning all over. My sinus pressure is completely gone along with the headaches! I can also feel the neurological improvement, the kidney pain being gone and my body is much less inflamed. The best part of the changes that I have seen is I am so much happier, I feel like I can live again! I loved going to Premier Wellness as the staff is unbelievable and always willing to help. I love all the healthy snacks and that everything is focused on true wellness there.

~ Carrie T.

Chiropractic for Newborns

Dr. Tony was great. We came in with our newborn and before any adjustments were made, he explained what he was going to do and why he was doing it. I felt comfortable with my new baby in his care and we immediately saw a improvement in Christopher’s demeanor.

~ Angela H.

Impressive First Visit

Despite the facility being under renovation, my first visit was fantastic! The staff was friendly and willing to answer every question I had with great explanation. Even with the renovation going on, things seemed to be running smoothly, organized, and families were coming in and out quickly. I was very impressed with the amount of information I was given on my first visit and thoroughly enjoyed the depth of conversation with Dr. Tony when he was describing the fundamentals of wellness that chiropractic will help me achieve!

The break-down of information made it very easy for me to understand the in’s and out’s of where I am currently in health and where I hope to be some day. I look forward to every visit and am SO blessed to have found this amazing alternative to general practices of health. Thank you, Premier Wellness!

~ Marissa S.

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