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Welcome to PWC Chiropractic

Experts in pediatric, prenatal, fertility and family care.

Discover True Health at PWC Chiropractic

Crystal Lake Chiropractors For You and Your Family’s Best Life

welcome-premier-wellness-chiropracticAs McHenry County’s leading pediatric and family health experts, we welcome you and your family to enjoy a beautiful, first-class healing experience.

Whether you’re looking to heal or feel even better, the team at PWC Chiropractic provides outstanding care so you can achieve your health goals.

“It’s not just our education, but really our experience that allows us to help with such challenging pediatrics cases as ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, as well as more common conditions such as colic, ear infections, allergies, and asthma.” explains Crystal Lake chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Ebel.

We’ll do all that we can to help your child live a healthy, happy life.”

Experience What Health Really Means

We believe health is really about one thing – function. How well you function determines how truly well you are. Health and wellness are about more than just ‘feeling good,’ they are about functioning at your ultimate potential so you can heal and maintain optimal health.

So whether you or your child have lost your health and need it repaired and restored, or if you’re looking to maintain and optimize your health, we are the place for you!

Experience high levels of expertise, care and attention all under one roof, here at PWC Chiropractic.

Our practice is dedicated to maximizing all aspects of your health through the first class chiropractic care we provide. Specializing in pediatrics, pregnancy, and family wellness, with an emphasis on ADHD, sensory processing disorders, autism, and neuro-developmental disorders, we’ve got what you and your family needs to get well and stay well.

Be Empowered and Thrive

Together, we’ll focus on thorough healing, encourage you to become active and help you and your family discover how health and wellness really feels. Ready to get started?

Give us a call today and experience complete healing and the quality of life you deserve! (815) 455-8213

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